LPKF Circuit Board Plotter

LPKF ProtoMat® S100 circuit board plotter provides the opportunity to design and produce prototypes of space electronic systems with specific properties. The device is used to shape the magnet board used for passive attitude control and the payload board that consist of a camera and sensors. It is also utilized for board prototyping and manufacturing applications of all other electronic components for different projects and purposes.

Name LPKF ProtoMat® S100
Manufacturer LPKF Laser & Electronics
Min. Track Widthi 0.1 mm
Min. Hole Diameter 0.15 mm
Working Area (x/y/z)) (229x305x38 mm)
Resolution (x/y) 0.25 µm
Resolution (z) 0.5 µm
Milling Motor 100.000 rpm
Drilling Capacity 150 holes per min.
Konumlama Hızı 150 mm / sec.
Positioning speed (max.) 120/240V, 50-60 Hz/200 VA