SSDTL Clean Room

Class 1000 clean room in ITU Space Systems Design and Test laboratory has an area of 25 m2. It contains a thermal vacuum chamber, which provides pressure and temperature control. The clean room has been utilized for integration and thermal vacuum testing of the ITUpSAT1 flight model. Via the control unit; the temperature, humidity and pressure of the medium can be controlled to provide the environmental conditions for the desired applications. The laboratory also contains a Class 100.000 clean room with 8 m2 efficient area, which used for educational and experimental purposes.


Thermal Vacuum Chamber

The function of the thermal vacuum chamber inside the SSDTL clean room is to simulate the vacuum and temperature of the environment that a spacecraft will be exposed in space. Under very low pressure levels (10-5 Pascal), created temperature scenarios help to analyze the strength, resistance and endurance limits of tested model.

Properties of the Thermal Vacuum Chamber:

• 350 lt volume

• 105  Pascal  pressure

• -60 °C – 125°C temperature range

• 1 degree/sec. temperature control


Vibration Test System

TIRA shake table is located in İstanbul Technical University Mechanical Engineering Faculty Vibration and Acoustics Laboratory. The system is used for acceptance and qualification vibration tests of ITUpSAT1, which simulate the dynamic loads during the launch phase. The laboratory is also used for various industrial projects by providing test facilities. Properties of the shake table, which allows to test the models up to 300 kg, is given in the following table.

Name: TIRA Shake Table
Model: TV59327/AIT
Manufacturer: Schwingtechnik
Model: S596/*-640
Amplifier Model: A 54336
Max. Force (N) (Sine/Random/Shock): 26700/26700/53400
Frequency Range (Hz): DC – 3000
Max. Displacement (mm): 50.8
Max. Velocity (m/s) (Sine/Random/Shock): 1.8/1.8/2.5
Max. Acceleration (g) (Sine/Random/Shock)): 84/84/167
Main Resonance Frequency (Hz): >2400


LPKF Circuit Board Plotter

LPKF ProtoMat® S100 circuit board plotter provides the opportunity to design and produce prototypes of space electronic systems with specific properties. The device is used to shape the magnet board used for passive attitude control and the payload board that consist of a camera and sensors. It is also utilized for board prototyping and manufacturing applications of all other electronic components for different projects and purposes.


Electromagnetic Diagnostic and Measurement Laboratory

Electromagnetic Diagnostic and Measurement Laboratory in İstanbul Technical University, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Faculty provides research and application opportunities for design and verification of high resolution microwave imaging systems, development of digital electromagnetic methods and applications, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests for industrial applications, antenna design and testing. Laboratory has also facilities and knowhow on microwave imaging (tomography) experiments, EMI-EMC tests, antenna properties measurement tests and active-passive microwave circuit tests. The facilities of Electromagnetic Diagnostic and Measurement Laboratory consist of unreflecting room, vector network analyzer (10MHz-40GHz), EMC analyzer (100Hz-26.5GHz), 4 channel digital oscilloscope, 3 signal sources, 4 reference horn antennas, rotary table system calibration kits, fiber-optic cables and adaptors, HFSS packaged software and high performance computers.


Rapid Prototyping Laboratory

Objet Eden 500V Printer, located in Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics, is used to prototype the industrial samples that are designed and planned to be manufactured. The device allows a rapid prototype to be produced very quickly in 3-dimensions, and therefore contributes the process of product design and development.

Name Eden 500V 3B Printer
Manufacturer Objet Geometries Ltd.
Tray Size 500mm x 400mm x 200 mm
Process Speed 1.25 cm height/hour
Accuracy 0,1 mm – 0,3 mm
Resolution (x/y) 600 dpi: 42 µ
Resolution (z) 1600 dpi: 16 µ
Jetting Heads #8
Machine Weight 410 kg
Operational Temperature 18°C – 25°C
Operational Humidity (RH) %30 – %70